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MOSDELU® Mosdelu Comfortable Facial Decorations Tiger Animal Print Anti-Dust Windproof Cover Adjustable Elastic Strap

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PCNHDRTD Store MOSDELU Gauze Cover, Welcome To Our Shop, We Wish You Every Day Can Be Healthy, Happy, Good Luck!

Dust Proof, Washable, Healthy, Protection, Windproof, No Harm, Breathable, Fashion!

Basic Information:
-Material: 100% skin friendly polyester
-Gauze Cover: 7 inches length; 4.3 inches width with adjustable ear-loops
-Features: 1 pcs with 2 Filters. Filter Features:2 layers of non-woven cloth + 1 layer of activated carbon + 2 layers of melted spray cloth, replace the Fliters Every Week of Uses,but Need to According to Your Actual Situation.Hand Washing is Recommended. Please Do Not Bleach.
-Many occasions: perfect for running, camping, hiking, shopping, travel, morning exercise, cycling, cleaning, painting, show performance, party, cosplay.

With adjustable ear loops, fit most people's faces.
Stylish design, cute, fun and cool, more eye-catching - you won't want to put it down when you wear it.
Easy to wash and convenient to wear in daily life.

The Necessity of Gauze Covers:
Although our lives are full of beauty, but also hide a lot of pollution and dust.
Everyone needs a daily protective gauze cover for daily travel, protecting us from soot and particles.
Have both fashion and health, good choice!
Don't give up beauty for health.
And don't give up health for beauty.

Warm Tips:
-This gauze cover is suitable for basic hygiene protection for daily travel, but does not have the function of a rigorous medical gauze cover.
-It is a reusable mouth/face gauze cover, for your health, please wash or disinfect regularly after wearing for a certain period of time.