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MOSDELU® Mosdelu Green Daisies Face Bandanas Coverings with 2 Pcs Filters, Ear Loops Mouth Protecion Dustproof for Outdoor

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The fashionable face covering made of polyester material which is breathable and comfortable, so you can wear it in summer without being suffocating, suitable for any season. Advanced activated carbon, good quality, can be worn with double protection, people can use it with confidence. Protect you from pollen, dust, particles, kitchen oil, second-hand smoke, peculiar smell, etc., it also suitable for sports, running, mountain climbing, horse riding and other outdoor sports and various dust-proof work. The beautiful version and rich patterns make it also a good decoration and fashion item!

Product specifications

The size of the face covering is approximately 22cm * 12cm

Product Description:

1. You will receive the same color and style as the picture, They are all cute items! What you see in the picture is what you get.

2. The front of the face protection is well designed, and there is a soft adjustable ear-loop mask on the back, which can be adjusted according to personal needs and is convenient to wear.

3. The product comes with 2 filters. The hand-washable and reusable mouth covering can reduce environmental pollution. It is the good choice for environmentalists. It is fashionable and scientific.